The Rethink Concept Hanger Helps Recycle Plastic Bottles

Well, even if people haven’t woken up to the perils of Ecological problems, tech giants and ace designers are busy scooping out stuff that will deter mankind to further sabotage their own future. The Rethink Hanger Concept brings out an innovative wardrobe utility that doesn’t ask users to walk miles for adopting green practices.

Rethink Hanger
The Coat Hanger is a hook with two open ends where you need to screw in two discarded plastic bottles. For ages environmentalists have spoken reams on benefits of recycling and this concept shows another intelligent and easy way to recycle plastic bottles. The brain behind this design is Xuan Yu and has a gracious motive behind selling these hangers. All of the sales proceeds realised would be directed to bring clean, consumable water to those in need in developing third world countries.

The Rethink Hanger can fit standard plastic bottles of 1” wide opening. It is available for a price $8 and I think it’s not much to ask for given that you do your bit for charity and also for mother earth at one and the same time.


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Via Core77