CO2 Dress is a Beautiful Way To Sense Pollution

With the increasing population and mechanization, pollution is at its peak, but have you ever thought of any beautiful way to check the pollution, other than the mechanized detectors? A collaboration of, Alexandra Institute, The Danish Design School with Forster Rohner, an embroidery company has introduced a beautifully designed hot-tech pollution sensing dress to hit the runway.

CO2 Dress With LED Lights

Beautifully designed and embroidered, the CO2 dress is featured with LED lights stitched with the embroidery work. The dress monitors the CO2 level and interprets the data with the twinkling LED light patterns. The main technology lies in the skillful construction of the dress by implementing soft circuit technologies like Lilypad Arduino. A microprocessor and CO2 sensor is required to place anywhere at the surrounding, may be hidden in your hair or kept anywhere in the room.

Co2 Dress

The low level of Carbon Dioxide is marked with low pulsations, while with the increasing level of carbon Dioxide the pulsations also increase. The CO2 dress is no doubt the best match with today’s increasing pollution. It is moreover a refined concept among other wearable technologies. Featuring over 100 LED lights, this otherwise pretty dress talk about eco-friendly fashion responding to the presence of CO2 and thus has been a major light up to save our Earth. Here’s some more wearable technology dresses that might interest you. Check out with the Polyphotonix OLED Dress and LED Galaxy Dress.

CO2 Dress In The Runway

Via: [Fashioning Technology]