Portable Workstations Designs are the next big thing in Gadgets!

Though you would have seen several versions of multiple gadgets combined into one, or functions of different gadgets combined into one, nothing would compare to this portable workstation design, which helps us perform all the work independently and also have fun at the same time. The best part being that it looks awesome. Take a look …


portable-work-station 3

This portable workstation provides solutions to all our work issues, since it can function as a notebook or a design laptop, comes with a digital pen to let you freely use your hands to sketch or write, instead of using a mouse. It can be adjusted into any working or viewing positions too and also be used as a DJ turnable to bring you entertainment wherever you go. Don’t miss out the video, take a look…

portable-work-station 4

portable-work-station 6

Such gadgets definitely put the latest hardware and software to its most efficient and complete use, to make several things simpler for our busy bustling fast-paced lives.

portable-work-station 7


portable-work-station 5

Umangdokey Source: Thedesignblog