Create Your Own Herb Nursery With Power Plant Gadget!

Cooking buffs definitely know the importance of fresh herbs. But a constantly supply of the same is little difficult and having an array of earthen pots donning your herb plants is nothing less than a herculean task. Since technology has always taken up the baton of converting jeopardy into convenience, here comes the Power Plant Herb Garden.


It’s actually a hydroponic reactor that is neat replacement to a pot and soil-bed, one of the basic requirements of growing plants. There is a spongy soil less medium that is set in the recess beneath the green lid. A nutrient mixture is poured in which has all the vitamins and minerals your green babies need to rise skywards. There are two versions here, one the toaster-like unit which I just described and the Pro Unit with optional Grow Light.


The Pro Unit differs from its siblings for it does away with requirement of sunlight. It has its own apparatus to provide indoor sunlight which can speed up the growing process to 50% as against the natural source. The winged-out top has a low-wattage full-spectrum light bulb and light reflectors whereas the potted plant base offers rooms for seeds to shoot up. It can be adjusted to shelter plants up to 20 inches tall.


The makers claim the both the versions are capable of growing anything which sprouts out of seeds. The best suited plants would be Italian Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Peppers, Mini Tomatoes and Parsley. Check out the video after the jump that rolls out the entire procedure of using this product. Power plant Pro is for $80 whereas its parts can be bought separately. For more useful Home Gadgets, check out the Apple USB Air Ionizer, Frosted Scroll Solar Lanterns and the Reveal Lights Sunlight Design.