Reveal Lights Will Bring In Sunlight Through Your Walls!

Designer Adam Frank has come up with these magical projection lights which actually create an illusion of natural sunlight streaming in from the windows. Best part of the design is Reveal Lights literally create an image of the open window on the walls.

window light design

These Reveal Lights would ideal for modern crammed flats where one can’t even get a view of slice of sky from the windows nor direct sunlight can stream in. In fact modern apartments are almost pigeon holes with no windows. This illusionary picture of window on the wall and natural soft sunlight will make the room look more spacious and less suffocating. The illusion is so perfect that there is also a tree in the project image whose branches and leaves sway whenever air flows in through the light. So just turn on Reveal Lights, the ceiling fan and make your room sunlit and breezy.

sunlight window design

It is one of the most creative designs for the room lights and it also makes a sad statement about modern life which is taking us away from natural elements like open air, sunlight and skies. We are going towards increasingly artificial life yet yearning for natural elements, and this way costs only $389.

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sunlight through the windows