Cute Animal Bookends from Zuny

Simplistic in its designs, color and texture but at the same time endearing is how I would state is the collection of cute and lovable animal bookends by Zuny.

cute dinosaur bookend design

These animals are all handmade with leather and polyester fiber and filled with iron sand so as to be able to hold large weights. They can thus be used as many things, such as, a bookend, to hold CDs/DVDs, generally to hold up larger weights, or simply even be used as stuffed toys for children to play with.

cute animals bookend

Zuny has come out with four different animals – Babu the boar has little white ears and tusks and an adorable tail, Tumo the white lion looks funny although not so much like a lion, Bobo the black and white dinosaur is probably the cutest with the scales on its back, and Nell the sheep is adorable in all its shapelessness.

The dimensions of these bookends are 4.9” wide, 10.2” long and 6.9” in height, and they are all provided within a limited edition series of only 9999 pieces and can be bought for $49 each.