Your Surroundings Will Smell Great with this Apple USB Air Ionizer

Everyone wants to spend time in nice smelling surroundings, and this Apple shaped air ionizer will let you do just that, as the ionizers is powered by USB and can be used to make the area around your desk smell great. The idea is simple, this device just purifies the air around you by ionizing it. Using an essential oil will go a long way to make you relax while you’re at work or at home.

usb air ionizer

I’m not too sure why it is shaped like an apple, but I do know that it has an effective radius of 10 m, which means that it is fairly powerful for something that is powered by USB. It works by releasing negative ions, which reduce the availability of a growth environment for mold and bacteria that cause bad odor. It has an activated carbon filter, a large concentration of negative ions and a TiO2 photocatalyst that work together to filter the air and provide a clean environment for you.

apple usb air ionizer

When you buy two apple ionizers, it will cost you only $15 per piece, and there are some other great deals for buying 3 or more pieces.

usb apple air ionizer

usb air ionizer apple

Product Via: [7gadgets]

This is a simple plug and play air purifier, you just connect the CVFR-K44 to your computers USB port and it starts instantly working. Then if you choose, add a drop of scented oil onto the cotton filter to get some fresh smell at the same time your work air is being cleaned.
Through the release of negative ions, this unit reduces the growth environment necessary for bacteria and molds, thereby making the air around your desk cleaner and safer. This Apple USB air purifier combines TiO2 photocatalyst, activated carbon filter and high concentration negative ions to adsorb harmful gas, smoke, dust, particulate and volatile organic compound to filter them out from the air or drop them to the floor in an inactive and harmless state.