USB Heating Gloves To Give Your Fingers Warmth During Winter Times

Have you ever had to work in temperatures that are freezing? Either because of the air conditioning in your office which you cannot control and find too cold, or when you are working sitting out and there is a chilly wind blowing that is freezing, and numbing your fingers! The USB Gloves can be heated and can provide a lot of help and relief in such cases.

usb heating gloves

The gloves are made of wool and can be connected to the USB port on your PC, Mac, Playstation 2 or XBOX360 and they heat up providing your hands with warmth. As practical Geeky clothing accessories, both are open on the ends that makes it easy for you to use your fur keyboard or mouse. They have two levels of heating that can be set, and shows an increase of about 10 degrees within 5 minutes. Better yet, each glove has its own individual settings and can be connected and controlled separately.

usb heated gloves

These very functional gloves cost $24.99 and are available in a pink color for Women’s and a dark Grey for men, with both kinds come with the cables for the USB and are available in two different sizes for men and women respectively.