Cool Fuwa-Fuwa Fur Keyboard with Soft Warm Feel

For those of you who are unhappy with hard and boring keyboards this should be good news. Now you have an option of getting Fuwa-Fuwa Fur Keyboard which actually has soft feel to it thanks to the fur lining around the keyboard.

cool computer keyboard with fur

Fuwa-Fuwa in Japanese means “soft and fluffy” and the fur does give keyboard a soft and fluffy look. Most gadgets look and feel quite cold. Such fur and frills will add the extra warmth and fun element. Of course misogynists may not like the feminine, girlie look of the keyboard. But girls can have all the fun and less pain by using these keyboards for long work, gaming and chatting sessions. The hands will get softer surface to rest.  And one can always play with the fur while waiting for chat replies and loading of games.

One can literally pet the keyboard for opening up a whole new interesting virtual world. The fur won’t weigh on the conscience since it’s entirely synthetic. It is available at Japan Trend Shop for $115 and you can then have your own fashion computer keyboard.

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