Custom Your Music Headphones with Fur for the Ultimate Fashion Statement

There is no better way to personalize your headphones than with iFrogs Nervepipes models, which allow you to create your fashion headphones by color, artwork and even colorful fur. hot pink headphones with fur

The images seen are just a few of many different ways you can create your own set of music Headphones, which you can listen to your music in public both with amazing sound and also personal taste in fashion.

Usually headphones are boring and dull, but Nervepipe headphones grant significant sound that is just the least of the features. The best part is having people stare at you as you walk around as if you belong in Beverly Hills 90210.

Oh yeah, and they won’t break the bank either…at each set beginning at only $34.99. Along with the iPod Fashion Purse, these would make the perfect women’s music accessory.