iPod Turns Feminine with the Latest Purse Like Boombox Design

Call it sheer co-incidence or over-crowding, every fifth gadget I come across has its connection with Apple. The hyper-hyped iPhone had shadowed iPods for quite some time, but the mighty music players are back in action again witha fancy purse like iPod boombox.

Portable Boombox Bag Design

After almost two years, iLive has come up with a different version of its signature product, the Boombox Dock for iPod. The purse-like design does speak about its inclination towards the fairer sex. The design embodies more of curves and color options and looks pretty neat with an iPod seated in the middle. Apart from all generations of iPod,  it can music from any other external music source as well, thanks to its AUX jack. Other features include AM/FM tuner and Radio IB109P. It retails for as much as $30.

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Via HardwareSphere