Beautiful Customized iPod Alarm Clocks


Waking up every morning to college or work isn’t an easy task, and I usually end up pressing the snooze button at least 3 times before I actually wake… making me late almost every time 🙂 This amazing custom iPod alarm clock can really ease the task, helping to wake up to my favorite song every morning and have a beautiful looking gadget right on my nightstand. This particular alarm clock comes with 2, 2.5″ speakers, a designed docking station for your iPod and a fully programmable alarm clock. The Docking station will charge your iPod while you snooze and also includes an audio cable so you can connect your music CD players as well.

What I truly love about this cool alarm clock  is the fact you can easily Personalize it! The price of the alarm clock is $129 and can be purchased at One thing is for sure this fancy clock will help get your mornings off to a great start and a fabulous day.