Cool Wii Skins For the Wii Girl


I love to play Nintendo Wii console games with my friends, and it is amazing how easy it is to control and simulate different movements and even some worthy exercises. What’s even better is taht the Wii is something that you could proudly present in your living room and could also be seen as an amazing design accessory in some way.

Since other living room accessories come in different colors, wouldn’t it be great if the Wii can transform its regular white color (although the black nintendo Wii is coming now as well) into other colors that merge or boost your house look and fell design? With Decalgirl you can simply personalize your own Wii buy purchasing a cool skin in the average of $15 a peace.

Attached are some cool skins I found while looking in the site – looks awesome!

All the credits for the images and skins are for Decalgirl. If you want other accessories, check out the Sexy Lingerie Cellphone charms.