High or Low Adjustable Heel Shoes

I have somehow been coming across the most commonly wanted, rather needed, short-cuts for women. The Solar powered tote bag,  the Quattro 6000D sewing machine, the Bagtv handbag and the umbrellas for your shoes – Shuellas, all of which make our life so much more easier. If you are wondering what i am talking about, then you are definitely missing out on some very tasteful stuff, to find out more read some of our other posts at Gadgether. As i was saying, after all of these that make our life simpler, here is one more perfect addition to the same.

adjustable heeled shoes for women

Designer Natalie Cosette Thorne has come up with these wonder shoes that have adjustable heels, that can be adjusted from about 4 to 10 cm in height. Amazing it is! Just the other day I was reading an article which said several women are worried when they have to go to a date straight after work hours, and it  has almost always something to do with the dressing, including shoes of course!

shoes for women

Now you can definitely do something about that, by using these wonder shoes, which are extremely comfortable according to the designer and work based on a regular magnet fastener system and a set of uppers, you can certainly wear them to work and to a party later in the day. It is also being called the transformer shoe, since it reconstructs itself in style! Looks like all our prayers are being answered just in time. Just take a look…

adjustable shoes for women

Via: Geniusbeauty

Natalie Cosette Thorne