Lipstick USB Flash Drive

How many times have you rushed into a meeting only to realize that you had a bag full of makeup, but the important document that you needed wasn’t there. Okay, I know, if you are that flaky then you should probably not be at a meeting, but at the mall instead, BUT, it could happen… Right?

lipstick usb flash drive

Let’s just say that DOES happen. So anyway, you just see lipstick and gloss and eyeliner, and eyeshadow, but no pen drive. Does this mean you go into panic mode? Well, not necessarily…. It could be that you just forgot that the lipstick you saw there was in fact a USB drive. How does that sound for a really bad story? (Again, if you forgot that your pen drive looked like a lipstick case, then seriously… you don’t belong in that meeting….)….

lipstick usb disk on key

This is what I was talking about… quite a cool lipstick gadget isn’t it? And it can hold up to 1 GB of memory, which is quite good, although not really that much anymore. However, it does look good, and it is the perfect gift for anyone, whether it’s your significant other (ladies, this probably doesn’t apply to you if your significant other is a guy, unless you’re dating, and his dressing, preferences are a little lets just say “out there”) or just a friend who likes cool gadgets. I guess the only possible hazard of owning a gadget like this is you could really mistake your lipstick for your pen-drive, and using your pen drive as lipstick or sticking your lipstick in your USB drive could be a little messy.

usb flash drive lipstick

Other cool USB accessories for women we seen before include the Male and Female USB Necklaces or the Pink Heart USB Necklace, both of which could make for cute jewelry that is also a USB Flash Drive.

Via: Curiosite