The Stylish Nooka Watches Designs

Amazing stylish fashion watches from Nooka really make it cool to wear a watch like the Traser watch we seen before. Like what you see? Well, what you see are the Nooka watches of the Nooka Zub Zot 38 models from Elsewares. Below are a gallery of images for your review.

purple nooka watch for women

green nooka watch for women

The Nooka Watches have a face with dots to show the hours, a bar to highlight the minutes, and a digital second window that shows the date. It is obvious that these features do contribute to its looks, but there are several other additions too, like the fully adjustable but hidden clasp that gives the grip around your wrist, and the fact that it is water resistant.

The Nooka Zub Zot models also come with rubber bands with a stainless clasp and are available in a range of colors and types. They can be your best gift for both him and her, because the Nooka Zub Zot collection also features watches for men and women. Stay alert all you girls out there, only those guys who dare to be extreme can wear them, and if you know your guy is the type then you can get him one, and get one for yourself, to make it a couple thing!

black nooka watch for men

And last but not the least, there also the Nooka Zub Zen model watches which glow with linear expression…also provided within image gallery.

Don’t forget, all of these are available at Elsewheres right now!