Funny Monkey Nail Dryer

How many times have you painted your nails, assumed they were dried and then touch it against something only to realize that they weren’t really dry. By then however, your nails are ruined, and all that patience and effort was wasted. In fact, that happens to me so often that I’ve given up trying to paint my nails completely.

Just when you are thinking all is lost, and that you need to resign yourself to the tedium of sitting for hours on end trying to dry your nails, or if you just thought that manicures were boring, someone came up with the perfect solution…Presenting the Monkey Nail Dryer! Ta-da!!!!

funny monkey finger nail dryer

Now you never ever have to worry about your nails drying ever again! All you have to do is paint your nails, press the plate of bananas and you’ll have this adorable monkey blowing cool air on your nails and helping them dry quickly. I will guarantee you’ll never be bored again, because you’ll be too busy admiring the cute little monkey.

This little monkey nail dryer is pretty inexpensive as well. Costing only £4.40 or $8. It is battery operated which makes it portable, and it is pretty small, so along with the Magnifying Glass Nail Clipper, it makes a perfect accessory for Women.

Via: Oliver Bonas

operated and portable. The cost is $8, and the monkey dryer is a delightful birthday present for a teenager.