Nobumichi Asai’s Electronic Makeup Is Simply Out of This World

It’s incredibly amazing just how electronic makeup can radically change the way someone’s face looks. Nobumichi Asai demonstrated that in a spectacular video.

The project involves real-time face tracking and projection mapping, two things you really don’t hear about every day when talking about makeup. Project Omote was mainly realized by Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asa and makeup artist Hiroto Kuwahara, even though in turning it into reality some other people were involved.

It’s difficult to guess where makeup will be headed and how it will be done in a few decades. With the help of conventional makeup people can already go through dramatic transformations, and electronic makeup only takes them up a notch.

One thing is certain: if makeup is to be done like this in the future, women will no longer spend tens of minutes in the bathroom, trying to look perfect. After getting the face scanned, electronic makeup is applied with the help of projection mapping. Moving the face won’t create any distortions, as the project also relies on real-time face tracking.

OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING from something wonderful on Vimeo.

A few centuries ago, something like this would’ve definitely qualified as witchcraft, and the wearer would’ve been burnt at the stake. However, modern technology will turn this into something ordinary before you know it.

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