2014 Summer Nail Polish Trends

Yes, I know , we still have about 3 months till summer, but when it comes to beauty trends it’s always nice to be prepared.

I love the summer colors, one thing is always sure when planing a summer collection, you goona have lots of bright and exciting colors to choose from.  So what is in store for us on Summer 2014, in one word :Pastel!

Summer 2014 is not going to be any different, lots of bright and pastel colors are starting in the most known and loved brands. Along with the pastel colors, you can see that the white nail trend will still star this summer as well. A great nail manicure can add some extra chic to every look you wear.


essie summer 2014  nail trends

Essie is offering a great selection of 6 new pastel colors:

  • Hide & go chic covetable azure blue
  • fashion playground plucky pistachio shimme
  • romper room pale tea rose pink
  • spin the bottle semi-sheer nude
  • style hunter laser sharp crimson
  • truth or flare vintage blue denim


In Dior’s  2014 summer collection you’ll find 52 new colors. The Dior’s Vernis which is the Spring 2014 limited edition collection, is offering 6 pastel colors to rock.

Dior's Vernis - Spring 2014 limited edition collection


It seems that pick is rocking the Chanel Spring/Summer collection, yo can find some bright pinks and some more babypink ones as well.

Chanel summer 2014 nail polish
For the full collection click here.