Empty Frame Lamp Filled With Light Looks Awesome

Most creative designers of any product often create subtle pieces which are very symbolic and most often such products stand out as unique and appealing. Here is a simple Frame Lamp design created by Dario Cavaliere which looks like an empty photo frame but it is actually filled with light that illuminates the room. Isn’t it symbolic? Emptiness need not be empty; it can be filled with light.

frame table lamp1

The Frame Lamp design is extremely minimalist and stylish. It is basically a black thick frame with white lights fitted on the inner side of the frame. This contrast of black and white light will surely create awesome effect, the frame in the picture look compelling because of the aura it creates.

frame table lamp2

Only creative and artistic souls will bring home this Frame Lamp for it does highlight emptiness which often gives birth to creativity. In fact, the white light illuminates this emptiness also makes it visible to the eye. Lonely souls will love it but I am sure unimaginative guests will ask about the missing photo or picture.

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