Ghost Desk Lamps to Illuminate Your desk

Bored of using the same desk lamps that you have been using ever since you were in high school? Try the new ghost lamps which are attractive and decorative. Make life interesting, exciting, and imaginative too with these ghost lamps which come in different colors of white, red, blue, and yellow.These attractive ghost lamps are in fact very attractive desk lamps. These luminary lamps help decorate your desk top and also plays a major role in protecting your homes from criminals and theft.

With these cute lovable ghost lamps, you can always be sure to have four ghosts sitting prettily in your living room or bedroom and help chase away shadows or any other imaginary monsters from under your bed or sofa. Truly eerie looking in the dark, since its luminescent body makes it glow, it would send anyone planning to play a prank on you or scare you, scooting away terrified out of their wits !

These ghost lamps work with US 110 V. It is especially spooky at night with these ghostly lights enveloping the room with its luminosity. They give off a warm protective glow to your homes. They are designed to bring accent lighting to your work spaces at home.

For those of you who detest the yellow light from normal bulbs, these lamps provide the perfect answer. They chase away every spark of yellow light from the room, illumining it entirely with the eerie glow from their bodies.

Haven’t we all come across a toy or gadget that we really took a fancy on and felt irresistibly drawn to it, wanting to possess it come what may? These ghost lamps have the same kind of effect on any one setting their sights on it for the first time. Rest assured, these lamps might end up scaring you out of your skins at night, yet, a little voice in your head pipes up asking you to buy it then and there. Be prepared to be chased around your room at night, literally speaking, give you a run for your money, with their eerie glow.

These ghost lamps are a great way to play a prank on Halloween. It’s a great gimmick for a Halloween costume but see to it that the lamp does not get too hot and, procuring yourself a long extension cord to move around.

We owe it to Brazilian designer Anderson Hote, who designed these delightful ghost lamps and initially named them Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. His designs have always been unique and have a history and meaning and it’s always about and for people.

The ghost lamp was designed keeping in mind those magical days of the ‘80’s. It has a reference to the Pacman game, a symbol of that decade. The ghost lamps have a tinge of nostalgia attached to it too. It brings back to memory the fear of ghosts that many of us harbored in our hearts in our childhood days and these ghost lamps help to revive memories of the past, of bygone days and of Halloween celebrations.

In fact, the ghost lamp helps to illumine the memories of yore ! One can own these lamps at $69.99.

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