Quin Lampshade is One of its Kind Lighting Piece

Sometimes subtle décor ambience complete with exquisite accessories can work wonders for one’s home. Remodeling is an expensive affair whereas just painting the walls in the favorite colors and then spending time picking up the right fillers is something that gives you room for experimentation all the time. The Quin Lampshade from designer Bathsheba Grossman is perfect for such home environments where interiors are light and understated.

When lit up, the lampshade throws up a beautiful pattern of light and shadow on the walls around it. It is round in shape and needs to be suspended from the ceiling. To the inexperienced eyes, it may come across as an unconventional disco ball, but the idea behind its architecture runs deeper. The piece is more of result of the sculptor’s exploration of the five Platonic solids. The twelve-sided dodecahedron elicits the spiritual unity of the four elements in a well synchronized natural universe.
One long glance at this and the first question that is bound to hit you how this could actually be made in real. The answer lies in the innovative production technique used. Stupendous complex objects are brought to life with the help of Materialise’s MGX technology and 3D printing. This type of printing does away with the conventional apparatus of paper and ink, instead designs are printed with a laser, adding layer upon layer until the intricately detailed object is formed.
With so much thought and hi-tech manufacturing concentrated in just one ceiling light, it makes me wonder how it would be to actually have something so arty around us. Well, I need not say that it would be just a waste of time to justify its steep price tag of $579. If you’re looking out for other lighting options, do check out the Chaos, the PZL Lamp Design and Remake Light Magnet.