R2-D2 Shampoo Bottle for Star Wars Enthusiasts

If you are looking to add something interesting to your stock of Star Wars memorabilia, try getting one of these R2-D2 Shampoo Bottles for yourself. Made famous by the epic Star Wars franchise, the R2-D2 astromech droid comes alive, albeit in a different form in this shampoo bottle.

R2-D2 Shampoo Bottle

All that you need to do is fill your R2-D2 Shampoo Bottle with the shampoo of your choice – Lux, Head ‘n Shoulders, Pantene or any other brand that you swear by, tighten the lid and use the pump every time you feel like having a bath.

R2-D2 Shampoo Bottle2

Surely, it doesn’t get any better than having your favorite Star Wars robot pump out your shampoo in such style.

R2-D2 Shampoo Bottle3

So, act now to make your home become filled with Star Wars products, including this shampoo bottle for only $21.90. You can also check out the Star Wars chop sabers as an additional prop that can serve your love for the Star Wars merchandise.