Freshening Water Fountain for Cats Makes You a Responsible Pet Owner

Just like human beings, water makes up for 80% of your pet.  The unbeatable summer heat and lack of fresh water could take a toll on your pet’s health so much that even it loses one-tenth of total body water, it may have to deal with numerous health problems. So here is something that lets you be a responsible pet owner: the Continuously Freshening Pet Drinking Water Fountain.Pet-Water-Fountain

Conceptualized by a veterinarian and an animal behaviorist, this water bowl continuously circulates water and attracts pets to drink more. This helps in avoiding troubles of dehydration, urinary tract infection and kidney diseases in pets. There is also an intrinsic purifier which is further divided into two sections.  The pre-filter takes care of the large particles whereas the three-layer charcoal filter removes smaller purities.  The whole set up has the quietest pump available and has a soft adjustable flow that would not scare your pets away.

It has a large reservoir that stashes up to one gallon of water thereby avoiding the hassles of frequent refilling. The makers have made the bowl easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It runs on AC power so make sure the wire job is done neatly to avoid any accidents. For as much as $70, I think it is not much to ask for keeping your pet in pink of health. If you’re looking for other ways to pamper your pets, check out the Ellipse Pet Bed, Innovative Cat Play House and Hanging Birdhouse.