Innovative Cat Play House

Cat lovers have always longed for playthings for their cats, akin to what dogs have. If you are looking out for a fancy hideout for your feline pet, then you need not look far as there are some wonderful play houses designed for cats, which include a fire engine, plane and a tank.

These wonderful items are made of cardboard, thereby making them absolutely cat friendly, given the fact that cats love gnawing and shredding cardboard items. The best part of these cat play houses is that they come precut in exact size along with detailed instructions for their assembly and use. Moreover, these toys do not require much knowledge regarding assembly and can be done by a total novice, that too within a matter of five minutes, thereby making it easy for a cat lover with no craft skills to speak of, to get a plaything for the feline creature.


However, the best part of these hideouts is the fact that each of them contains a moving part, which includes the propeller in the plane, turret and gun in the tank and the ladder on the fire engine. Even better, they are available for only $19.99-24.99.

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