Carry Your Spoon Wherever You Go With the Mugstir

If you are like me, then you will end up at work and realize that you don’t have a spoon to stir your coffee. It is at times like this that the Mugstir comes in handy, for it is a cute little spoon with a bent handle that fixes right on your mug. This means that you will never forget your spoon.


This is the perfect Kitchen Gadget to take with you on long drives and to work. in fact, it is so small that it will even fit into your purse or your pocket. It is in fact ideal for people who hate using the spoons in the office pantry. They work better than plastic spoons because they last longer and won’t hurt the environment by getting tossed into landfill.

Another great reason to use to Mugstir is that you can now drink your coffee or tea or hot chocolate or soup without taking the spoon out of the mug and you won’t have to maneuver it so that your nose doesn’t get in the way. The best reason however, to get these amazing Mugstir spoons is that they are so cute! This is probably the best invention since the amazing twister fork. You can now buy these cool Mugstir spoons at just $7.50 for a set of three, so it is not only adorable by not that expensive to buy either!

Via: [gizmodiva]