Stop Your Barking Dog with this Ultrasonic Barking Dog Deterrent Birdhouse

Everyone knows how annoying it is when your dog starts barking for absolutely no reason and refuses to stop. Now it is possible to control this behavior by using this ultrasonic barking dog deterrent. No more will you have to worry about sleepless nights listening to your dog bark and being helpless to control it.

barking dog deterrent gadget

The doggy device is disguised to look like an ordinary birdhouse, and this innocuous looking device could do you a world of good. Whenever a dog barks anywhere within the range of the device, it emits an ultrasonic sound. While this noise is inaudible to humans, dogs find it extremely irritating, and it will stop barking. With time, the dog will begin to associate barking with this unpleasant noise, and you will be able to curb this unpleasant behavior in a humane manner.

The best part is that you will be able to control the range of the device, with three settings: 15′, 30′ and 50′. This means that you will be able to curb excessive barking in any dog on your street :). It isn’t a very big contraption, weighing in at only 1.25lbs. The dimensions of this barking dog deterrent is 6.5″x5.75″x5.25″. It works on a 9-volt battery and there is an LED indicator to tell you when the battery runs out.

This extremely useful gadget is priced at $69.95, unfortunately the battery is not included. For best results, the manufacturers suggest hanging it no more than 5′ off the ground.