The New Turn On and Off Lamp Design by Lana Savettiere

The Turn on lamp so named because it is designed to look like the on/off switch on electronic devices, is a cool and interesting new design by Lana Savettiere Architetti. The uniqueness of this lamp is that it can be switched on or off simply by turning  it to either the left or right side.

on and off lamp design

The two Italian designers Marco Lana and Alberto Savettiere, who together form the architect firm that designed this lamp have a multi purpose approach to their designs that make everything aesthetic but at the same time very practical, such as this lamp was designed as part of a furniture series with the theme of on – off.  The lamp is rechargeable and can thus be used anywhere, in your room or when you are  out in the garden for a midnight picnic, and the colored plastic table lamp is 30 cm in diameter and 10cm in its width.

on off lamp design

The lamp is made of opal flexiglass with the central illumination through internal LED lights. It is also identical on both sides and can thus be kept either way or any place you want to place it and viewed from various angles.

The idea is unique in being both interesting as well as extremely useful, and if you are looking for other lamp ideas, check out the Revealing Lights, Red paint Lamp Designs or the Matryoshka Dolls Lights.

cool on off lamp design