Enjoy your own Personal 52″ Movie Screen Glasses

Are you tired of fighting for control of the TV, as a result of which you watch your movies on the tiny iPod screen? You won’t have to worry about that problem anymore with the new 52″ personal movie screen. It actually gives you the experience of watching a 52″ screen from 9′ away. This is probably one of the best ideas I have ever seen!

personal television glasses

Not only does it save you a lot of trouble, but this device looks incredibly cool, like it just emerged from a Sci-Fi flick, kind of like a peep into the future. I love it! It is compatible not only with portable DVD players, but also with personal video game systems and video iPods. This awesome gadget was created using U.S military technology and comes with two LCD screens that have a resolution of 428×240 and produces 24-bit true color images on the screen. The system even comes with a dual stereo headphones that complete the personal movie theater experience. The personal movie screen costs $239.95, but for this price you will get some amazing value for money. The package includes an AA battery, iPod cable, head strap, carrying case and A/V cable.

IMHO, this is one of the best buys of the season, and with the holidays coming, the price is bound to go down. The perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, or even yourself really. For other cool gift ideas, check out the Roomba Robot Vacuum and the LED Umbrella.