Stunning Barbie Doll as Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz Movie!

Witches are cool imaginative beings and wicked witches are often portrayed as ugly beings with evil intentions under the illusive garb of beauty and goodness. Barbie Doll dressed as Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz movie looks stunning in the black costume with pointy hat – dressed perfectly to kill!

wicked witch of the west barbie doll

Wizard of Oz tale reminds us of our childhood days filled with wonder and fantasy when fairy tales were part of our regular brain diet. It is hard to hold on to that world of imagination and it is sad that we become too realistic as we grow up and we even forget to escape into the fantasy world. So now you can bring home this Barbie Doll dressed as wicked witch as a reminder of the magical world which still exists and is all ours to rule. Only in our wild imagination we can be good fairies or the wicked witches on the broom to express our hidden desires.

Movie-buffs can add this doll to their other cool movie based collectibles from Mattel such as Titanic Barbie Doll or Twilight Series Collectible Dolls. This cool Wizard Witch Barbie Doll costs $44.10 and it also plays a song snippet or soundtrack of the movie. Witches always come with witchcraft; this doll too will make you feel vibes of envy from your friends and neigbors!