Indoor/Outdoor Roomba Robotic Sweeper: Just Press The Button And Relax

Ever feel like Cinderella waiting for her handsome prince to come and rescue her every time you have to clean your dungeon-like basement? Some surfaces are just too hard to clean and just the thought of going down on the knees with a brush to scrub the greasy floor of a garage or cellar is enough to bring tears to most girls’ eyes. Princes don’t really exist outside of our imagination but the technology grants you the best substitute.

outdoor roomba vacuum sweeper

We haven’t yet reached the age where intelligent robots like the one Richie Rich had would go about cleaning up after us but iRobot has something that comes a close second. The Indoor Outdoor Roomba Robotic Sweeper is a small gadget with two hard brushes on its belly which go to work scrubbing like crazy. Just a press of the button can have the brushes of the sweeper going at 1000 times per minute. The little machine works on its own exploring the dirty surface and sweeping debris as heavy as nuts and bolts into its own dustbin.

The sweeper’s sensor keeps it from crashing into objects like furniture or falling over from stairs. The $130 Indoor and Outdoor Roomba Robotic Sweeper from Hammacher is ideal for use on wooden, concrete or tiled surfaces. Just set your mini-robot to work and go out for some well-deserved fun; you’ll never have that old-fashioned wish to be  rescued ever again! Psst, heads up guys, if you gifted your girl friend this then she wouldn’t blow you off to clean her apartment.