Red Liquid Lamps Look Weird but Stylish!

For a second there I thought it was an upturned bucket of red paint on the clean white wall, but of course in time I did realize as you would have that is a stylish new lamp design by Kouichi Okamoto, and it is up for sale for $199. Isn’t that a bit over priced for a lamp you might say? But let me tell you that the idea of this design itself deserves an award for innovation.

red paint liquid lamp

The Liquid Lamp is made up of Iron Plates and comes in two designs, one as table lamp and one as wall lamp. They are of different sizes, the table lamp: is 11.2″W x 7.9″D x 11.8″H and the wall lamp is 9″W x 9″D x 13.8″H. If you have a color co-ordinated room and red is your color, or you are have a clean white wall, then you know which lighting you are going to chose now. Either way, liquid lamp is a smooth design.

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