The Ultimate Nirvana Bathtub Experience: Float among the Stars

The star gazing earthlings often dream about floating about in space among the stars.  The Nirvana Bathtub will almost make the starry dream come true. The star glow bathtub really seems out of this world and surely many a geeks who are fans of Star Trek and Carl Sagan will bring this awesome bathtub home to get some celestial experience.

star led bathtub

What makes Nirvana Bathtub different from other regular ones is its ergonomic design and glowing LEDs.  The design ensures 60% water savings and LEDs illuminate the water just like star lights. There is an electronic tap, automatic water function, temperature display and hand shower. All of these can be controlled by a geeky control panel.  In fact it is geekier – just a wave of hand can activate the hand shower and there is in built temperature display on the side of the tub.  So this is indeed a promise of an out of world experience – just play some soft music and float in the ultimate bliss or Nirvana!

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nirvana bathtub under stars

Via Unplggd