The Absinthe Fountain Set Brings in the Green Fairy, the La Louche way

Absinthe parties are definitely a pricey affair but yet it doesn’t stop people from bringing in the green fairy in. This French hallucinating alcohol is also a personal favorite of tinsel town folks like Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson. So here is something that will help you cater the euphoring spirit in the right way, the Authentic French Absinthe Fountain Set.

Absinthe Set

Hand-made from mouth-blown glass and plated brass, this apparatus comes with four 12-oz. absinthe glasses and four stainless steel spoons. The folks at Hammacher Schlemmer have gone all the way to make this fountain set exactly same as those used in the La Louche, the original absinthe ritual. It is a process of adding iced water over a lump of sugar placed on the perforated spoon that rests of the top of the glass. This ritual is known to unlock the true of power of the Green Fairy for the cool water releases the essential oils of the herbs from which absinthe is made.

The Authentic Fountain set has four metal faucets and glass bowl that can hold nine cups of ice water. The four mouth-blown glasses have doser marks to help you measure the correct amount of this highly alcoholic beverage. It can be bought for a price of $400.

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