Chaos is an innovative Lighting Option

If you are looking for a lighting option with a difference, take a look at Chaos designed by Strand and Hvass. Available in a table or desk model, this intricately textured lamp can create a dreamy space in any room with its diffused, ambient light.


Costing $699, this product uses Materialise’s MGX technology and 3D printing to create beautifully complex objects. Rather than using ink and paper, laser is used to create a design where layer upon layer are added until the intricately detailed object gets its absolute shape. No wonder that the perfect rendition of the designer’s plan and the craftsmanship that has gone into this product’s intricate details are wooing the viewers so much that stocks are being lapped up at a lightning speed.

If you are wondering about the materials that are used to create Chaos, here is your answer – it’s a stainless steel frame, polyamide (nylon) and dimmable halogen bulb of 20W.

If you are interested in some more innovative lighting options, check out the Eudora and the Frosted Scroll Solar Lantern.