Light Up Your Interiors in Style with the Eclipse Lamp Design

If you have been searching for some lighting options that allow you to light up your interiors in style, the Eclipse – a product designed by Mathmos Design Studio where changing colors are reflected around a 5.9″W x 6.1″H x 5.3″D silvered glass sphere, would be your ideal choice.


Costing $69, you can get the product in two models namely the lunar and the solar, which refer to the cool and warm colors respectively. Having a metal base to hold it in place, the Eclipse uses LEDs that are placed in the focal point of the silvered glass sphere. As you move around the lamp, the light appears to move in and out of view, thereby creating a mesmerizing effect that’s engaging at the same time. So, get you own Eclipse today to light up your home with an unmatched effect.

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