Canine Treadmill Ensures Regular Exercise for Pets But for a Steep Price

Health conscious folks thought of treadmills as nothing less than a boon. The soaring levels of pollution and heat or erratic work schedules make it difficult to exercise outdoors that’s where in-house exercise equipment score on extra points. So how about extending the benefits of treadmill to your pet as well for whom walking/running is as important as it is for human body. The Canine Treadmill is what we are talking about.

This pet gadget helps deliver consistent levels of exercise for their dogs in the comfort of their living space. A lot of times owners function alone and it isn’t possible for them to step out for their dog’s workout needs, so with the treadmill the dogs can sweat it and you get to run errands around the house easily without missing on any supervision. The whisper-quiet motor will not scare the animal and it drives a sturdy rubber belt that is soft on paws. The speed, distance and the inclination can be adjusted to cater to the individual requirements. Makers believe that spending 45 minutes will make keep your pet in pink of health.

The Canine Treadmill is available in three sizes of large, medium and small each costing $900, $700 and $500 respectively. If not anything else, this pet care gadget would at least symbolize your riches and suggest you treat your dog as a vital part of your family.

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