The Alkindus Distiller Lets You Distill Alcohol/Scents at Home

If distilling alcohol or creating your own signature scent from scratch is one of things you got to do before you die, the Alkindus Distiller is something you should rip your husband or boyfriend for. The distiller looks more of a steampunk art and its attire would definitely soothe eyes which witness tech-laced stuff every day.
The distilling set up has a copper frame and a cucurbit, condensing pot, and a cooling cup made from borosilicate glass to ensure durability and heat resistance. It uses the same principle of alchemy which was developed by the Father of Perfume Distillation, Alkindus himself. The vessel which holds the liquid to be distilled will be heated by an oil lamp. Oil vapors liberated from the heated liquid will then finds its way through the swan neck tube and eventually reach the water-filled cooling pot. Once cooled, the vapors are converted into a concentrated distillate.

The entire setup of this copper distilling apparatus is mounted on a walnut base. To make it a souvenir, the words “Missisipi Destil” is etched onto its surface as an ode to the distilling history of American South. I think it’s an interesting gadget and with a price tag of $200, it’s completely worth the thrill and excitement of getting into mad-scientist experiments!

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