Dreamlite Floor Lamps for Creating Dreamy Spaces

The best visible symbols of modernity are different colorful lights which light up cities, towns, malls, homes and make life look like a celebration. The Dreamlite Floor Lamps by designer vivid effect are colorful light sculptures which will make any urban space look dreamy and unreal. 


These color changing lights look magnificent and they actually look like as though colorful modern firecrackers which light up dark sky have been frozen in time.


The Dreamlite lamps which are five feet in height can be used simply for dazzling light shows during any ceremonies or festivities. These columns of light display supreme combination of technology, art and human imagination. These are polychromatic kinesthetic lights which can be programmed and networked and are highly customizable. Of course the awesome lights will cost whopping $5,899.00 but event organizers, modern cityscape designers and rich with sprawling spaces will love to use interactive lights for spectacular light and sound dreamy displays.


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