17 Nerdiest Earring Designs

We all love our dorky fan based items. One of the most popular ways to express our love for particular things is to wear accessories or clothing related to those. Here are the 17 nerdiest earrings on the internet.

Pacman Ghost

Pac man Ghost

Everyone is familiar with the old-school game Pacman, so wearing these earrings will cause a reaction anywhere you go. The earring is not the typical colors of the Pacman ghost, but it still looks great.

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Pacman Earrings


Going by the same theme as above, these earrings are also Pacman. The little yellow man is eating the dots, and would make a cute collection for your earring set.

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Mario and Luigi Earrings

Mario and Luigi

These recognizable characters found their way onto these earrings appearing as they did in their very first video game. Back in the day when Luigi was just a green version of Mario and was only there to differentiate the second player.

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Goomba Earrings


For more Mario fun, here are some of the Goombas straight out from their video game. They probably sway faster on your ears than they do walking around trying to defeat Mario.

Mario Flower

mario flower

If you are the type of person who really wants to see Mario defeated you might want to get more of his enemies on your side, like this Mario flower earring.

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42 Key Earrings

The answer to the universe

Are you looking for the answer to the universe? Well these earrings asked “the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” and got the answer. These earrings are perfect for girls who love that book, but also for any computer loving person out there.

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F U Scrabble

F You

These earrings are sort of like the earrings above, except they are made out of scrabble pieces and have a less thoughtful meaning behind them. These might not be appropriate for some places you might want to go to. For casual wearing, however, these earrings are a great find.

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Floppy Disk Earrings


Floppy? What’s that? Though it’s been a while since these have been around they’re still a fun reminder of computer culture.

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Power Button Earrings


On the same topic of computers, someone took the power buttons of two computers and put them together to make these earrings. We now have two useless computers, but a great pair of earrings!

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Game Boy Earrings

Game boy

Now we’re back to video games. These earrings are shaped as the very first Game Boy handheld console. They’re memorable if you used to play this game or have a boyfriend who is a gamer. These earrings also come in handy if you are a chiptune artist. It would be similar to those guitar players who have guitar earrings.

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Nintendo Gun Earrings


Speaking of the good old days, remember “Duck Hunt”? Well these earrings are in the shape of those beloved Duck Hunt Gun Zappers. The great thing about these earrings is that even if people don’t make the connection with the old NES, they would make a connection to it in another way.

PSP Earrings


Fast forwarding into the future, we also have these PSP earrings. Unlike the Game Boy earrings, these earrings have the screen on.  Everything including the background is accurate. They’re literally unplayable mini PSP’s for your ears.

PS3 Controller Earrings


If you really like the Playstation series, on top of having the PSP earrings you might also want these PS3 controllers – though it would be more idealistic to have them with earrings of the PS3 system.

Xbox Games Earrings

Halo Assassin

Not a Playstation fan? Not a problem. These Xbox game earrings take the design off of the game cases and have been miniaturized to fit onto these earrings. Are you a fan of Halo and Assassin’s Creed? Then these two earrings are the ones for you. If not, there are plenty of other games to choose from.

Wii Controller


The Wii was supposed to be a revolutionizing game, especially since it was motion detected. Great technology, but try to have a hand in making better games first. Nonetheless, for those Wii loving gamers, these earrings are perfect. Mini Wii controllers earrings.

iPhone Earrings


For those Apple loving fans, here are some iPhone earrings. Much like the PSP earrings, these also have their screen on with the touchscreen buttons available. It is home made so it isn’t the best replica out there, however the concept is still cool, and the attempt is admirable.

Pi Earrings


The last pair of earrings are for those who either love math, or puns, and food. These earrings are two slices of pie with, of course, the symbol for pi on them.  They are delectable and humorous.

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