My Solar Garden: An Awesome Home Gardening Kit For kids

The whole world is agonizing about global warming and climate change, and much is being done to sensitize people to save the green planet.  Our best hope is to sow the seeds of eco-consciousness in children.

One of the best ways of doing it is to teach them how to nurture plant life in home garden. Probably this was the thought behind this excellent home gardening kit “My Solar Garden”. It not only grows plants but solar-powered model home in it builds the concept of solar power as alternative source of energy.

my solar garden kit1

My Solar Garden set consists of a small tray, solar-powered small model house, soil blocks, and basil seeds. One needn’t dirty hands with real soil to fill the tray, all that one has to do is to simply put soil blocks in the tray and add warm water. Once the soils expands, plant basil or any other seeds and then place the model solar house in tray to build a model eco-home, which can be placed in any corner with ample sunlight.

my solar garden kit2

It is an ideal gift for inculcating hobby of gardening, to feel the joy of watching new tender leaves sprout and tiny plants grow.  Most importantly, home gardening is the least we can do at individual level to save the planet. The Solar Garden kit costs $58.

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