Flip Flop Solar Plant

If you have always wanted to have your own garden full of different varieties of plants but couldn’t find the perfect way to care for your plants amidst your busy schedule – watering them at regular intervals, placing them in the sunlight or in shade, putting manures etc, here’s your chance to make up for it somewhat with an artificial plant.


The Flip Flop Solar plant is made of plastic and needs just sunlight to survive. Almost 3″ in height, this plant requires no batteries, and wiggles its leaves when it has sufficient light.


So, if you have always left a sigh by seeing those lively plants at your neighbor’s or friend’s place, bring this Flip Flop Solar plant for yourself today for only $4.99 and fulfill your long cherished desire of having a plant of your own. So what if it’s only an artificial one? It can still let you enjoy the realistic and soothing motion of its leaves!

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