Six Tiny Colorful Devil Duckies for Some Bathroom Fun

It is really sad that one gets only to play with toy ducks instead of chasing real ducks in ponds or following them around on ground. Yellow rubber duck toys are very popular and they now inhabit in most modern bathrooms, giving company to toddlers, young and old. But how about getting home these Six Tiny Colorful Devil Duckies to add a much needed intrigue element in your daily life?

six colorful duckies

Usual rubber duckies look so docile, kind and gentle but these six devils duckies will make one aware of presence of dark evil side of life which can in fact do good.  The young children too need to know the evil side of life and these colorful little devil ducks will surely give them equal joy if not more. And who says devil should be black or purple in color? True devils are very deceptive and they come in all colors. These six tiny colorful black horned duckies will add color and life to the bathtub. They come in set of six, each one 2.25 inches long and will cost only $8.99. Just beware before giving them as gifts to toddlers for it might trigger fear element in them but duckie collectors will surely love these devils!

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