Hello Kitty Cakes to Sweeten Your Celebrations

For all those of you who love to indulge their sweet teeth to savor delicious cakes, here’s a chance to bake your own innovative ones. I am not sure if you have had a chance to eat cat shaped cakes, but if you haven’t, try baking these kitty cakes that are somewhat different from the usual stuff.


Baked by debbiedoescakes, the fairy hello kitty cake is modeled on a cute little kitty sitting pretty atop a flower shaped base, who is dressed in finery along with a matching fairy stick.


In case you want to blend some spooky feelings with your baked innovation, try using the zombie hello kitty cake. Based on a tattoo, this cake baked by debbiedoescakes has edible maggots, worms and flies, which add to the horror quotient but are delicious to taste nevertheless!

For some more innovative cake ideas, you can take a look at the Solo cake based on the game of Solitaire or the Blue Cookie Monster cupcakes.