Solo Cake for Solitaire Card Game Fans

The Solitaire card game is probably the oldest of all games and it is also one of the first computer games ever since birth of PC. All solitary souls love this simple game of cards and this Solo Cake seems to be fitting tribute to the good old indulgence.

Solitaire solo cake

The Solo cake is a perfectly baked replica of the Solitaire game and one needs to take a closer look to believe that this ‘game in progress’ is only a design.  The cards as icing and the entire cake is a perfect complete screen shot including the cursor, but somehow it appeals only to the eye and brain and not to the taste buds. Only a true playing cards freak would want to devour a cake looking like a game of cards. Since details are not available I am sure this one was made for one such Solitaire game fan by another.  Of course good old geeks who got initiated into the world of computer games with a game of Solitaire and are interested in the cake can contact Tortas Personalizadas for details and more.

solitaire cake cards

solitaire card cake

solitaire cards cake

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