5 Minute Candles from Poketo

I have always loved those matches which come stashed in a pack so neatly arranged and wrapped that you would not even feel like using them. Similar, but of much more spontaneous utility are these Poketo-5 minute candles that look like those cute matches but are instantly lighting candles.

pocket candles

Poketo-5 minute candles are designed to look like ordinary matches but one pack Poketo contains 10 candles. They can be conveniently lit as attached or can be put up on a cake or pastry or flan!

matchbook pocket candles

I am sure you can think of several occasions to use these really cool looking candles. These Poketo candle packs look so nice that you might even feel like inventing an occasion just to make use of them. The four different color variants that you see below make them even more attractive. It is priced at $6 for a pack containing 4 books of 2.25? x 2.25?.

You can also take a look at the Bestow Vase and Candle Holder, which might match your candles, and also the 80s Cake where your candles fit in perfectly.

5 minute candles

Source: Poketo