Funky Mop Slippers Will Be Ideal Gift to Homemakers

Mopping is one of the most tedious straining work for all homemakers and one cannot wish it away either if there are kids around constantly spilling something or the other. These Mop Slippers will be ideal gift for all homemakers since it is hard to imagine anyone who would not enjoy simply slipping into pair of these and gliding on the floor to clean it up.

slipper mop gadget

Mop slippers look quite funky so even grown up kids will no longer be reluctant to mop their spills or clean up their rooms after den parties for they can simply practice moon walk to some groovy music wearing these slippers and the tedious job will be done. These Mop Slippers are made of good cotton absorbent materials and are priced at only $10 and they come in one size fitting all.  These are again ideal for geek homes since the idea of slipper cum mop will appeal more to modern geeks.

Mop Slippers are definitely not as geeky as the Slipper USB Flash Drive but they have great utility value.

slipper mop