Datin Mary Zains New Prom Dress Cakes

Datin Mary Zains latest creation is a cake that could well really be a prom dress. If ever you thought that cakes were for kids, you need to have a look at these, for these cakes are heart melting and adorable and one wishes that one lived in Malaysia just so you could buy one of these or even just see them for real.

funny prom dress cake designs

The two cakes, one in blue and the other a deep green are both simple elegant designs for prom dresses. The cakes by Datin Mary Zain have an amazing finish to them and the icing is smooth as silk with every pattern made to perfection. If the cakes taste even half as good as they look, it would be sin in heaven.

Just looking at the cakes one can tell the amount of  thought and love that has gone into creating it. It is probably this that is the reason that each of the cakes are works of perfection, from the texture and the coloring to the minute detailing and creativity.