9 Board Magnetic Containers: A New Twist In Your Storage Style

Getting a perfect set of storage containers for your kitchen often becomes a real problem. Be it your kitchen, office or home, finding a set of containers that matches with your requirement and taste is really tough. This is the reason that might have brought storage containers too under research. And the result is this damn good set of nine magnetic storage containers.

Magnetic Storage Containers White

Magnetic Storage Containers Red

The entire set measures approximately 31 x 31 x 8 cm in dimension with nine same sized containers with magnetic base and transparent see through lids. Furthermore, the twist off lids makes it easy to access, while the magnetic base prevents them from falling. Also, the see through tops helps you to see the contents of each container.

Magnetic Storage Containers Black

This set of nine magnetic storage containers comes on a metal board and is just perfect for use at your home, office or kitchen. This set of containers is just ideal for storage of spices or even herbs and offers easy pouring too. Choose your favorite color for this great set of nine magnetic storage containers is ready to add in your basket for just £12.50. For more such amazing kitchen accessory sets, check out with this Swiss Army Knife Cutlery Holder and Matryoshkas Nesting Dolls Measuring Cups.