Voltage Transformers Pigs that Look More Appealing Now!

Our dependence on electricity and gadgets continue to grow as the world progresses, though we have also brought in a better quality of life, the dependence never ends. Some examples are our dependence on inverters, converters and transformers. And when we use something so regularly, we always want it to look good and fit well into its surroundings, which is why these Mintrans Transformers have been pepped up to look more pleasing to the eye. They have been designed to add style to the decor in office or at home.

mintrans plugged


These Mintpass Transformers come in two designs, one looks like a cute pink pig, and the other is a smart imitation of the supposedly grotesque looking pole transformers. They can convert 220 V to 110 V and thus have been called ‘down-trans’, they also come with an automatic conversion option in which the voltage need not be selected.

pole transformer 1


pole transformer

More gadgets that can make our life more decorated and simpler are the Whimsical Wireless Switch and the Nesting Dolls Lights.


mintrans plug